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White City Tour

White City Tour
Our Tel Aviv Architecture Tour provides a great insight not only into the buildings and styles which dominate the city but also into the history of Tel Aviv. The White City of Tel Aviv is the highlight of Tel Aviv’s Architecture boasting the greatest collection of Bauhaus style buildings in the world, and recognized by UNESCO as a result, with over 4,500 amazing buildings. The city also has some beautiful eclectic style buildings, as well as modern buildings – ranging from skyscrapers to cultural complexes which sit peacefully in between. Learn about the many ways in which the city has changed over the years and the impact of the history on the future of Tel Aviv and its architecture. 
White City Walking tour with a tour guide
Per person (Minimum group of 4 )
Private Tour (up to 2 people )
Price includes:
  •  Guiding during 2-hour long walking tour.
  • The two-hour Tel Aviv Architecture Tour begins at 9:45 am, in front of Cafe 65 located at 65 Rothschild Boulevard.

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