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Egypt | Cairo & Nile Cruise

Egypt | Cairo & Nile Cruise

Give yourself the sort of holiday you deserved with our  9-day trip to Cairo and Nile Cruise tour package; a travel experience which is well and truly beyond words. Enjoy VIP treatment from beginning to end; mouthwatering cuisine; fabulous onboard entertainment, and incredible tours and excursions that bring you face to face with many of the greatest ancient attractions in Egypt.

We will be there to meet you in Cairo when you arrive, and we will be there for you each and every step of the way until we bid you farewell when your magical vacation comes to an end.

5 Star Accommodation
Concord Salam
M/S Nile Premium         
le Meriden Airport        
Total Price for 2 people in a Double Room Starting from
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  • le Meriden Airport
  • M/S Nile Premium
  • Concord Salam
Meet and assisted at the airport.
Transfer to hotel. 
Breakfast at the hotel
Morning visit Memphis,the city of the god Path and the capital of the oldest kingdom in the world to see the Alabaster Sphinx and the Statue of Ramses II.
Sakkara, the home of Egypt's oldest pyramid, constructed in around 2,650 BC. Admire this incredible, stepped structure as you learn how it was built for the Pharaoh Djoser, and enjoy time to explore at leisure.

Visit the Pyramids of Gizaand the Sphinx, an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a workers' village and an industrial complex.
Transfer to hotel Dinner & overnight.
Breakfast at the hotel

Morning Visit Coptic Museum then Visit of Saladin Citadel of Cairo, a medieval Islamic fortification located on Mokattam hill near the center of Cairo, was once famous for its fresh breeze and grand views of the city. It is now a preserved historic site, with mosques and museums.Lunch in restaurant.

Visit the Egyptian Museumin Cairowhich is the first and most important in the world. It contains the world's most extensive collection of Pharaonic antiquities; no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip through its galleries where the treasures of King Tut Ankhamon are exhibited,city tour. Transfer to hotel Dinner & overnight.
Breakfast at the hotel Transfer to Cairo airport for flight CAI - LXR. transfer by private bus on board for the Nile cruise 
Lunch on board. 
In the afternoon visit the Monumental Complex of Karnak and Luxor Temple. Luxor is the modern name of the ancient Uaset called Thebes by the Greeks, the beautiful capital during the New Kingdom and the seat of the two temples of Luxor and Karnak. The temple of Luxor, a jewel of Egypt, built by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II, surprised by the harmony of proportions and the elegance of its findings; Karnak temple is fascinating for its grandeur and complexity, many details of great interest, from the huge Hypostyle Hall, a forest of 136 columns towering over 20 meters, the elegant obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, the "Ballroom". 
At the end of the tour returns on board for dinner and overnight.
Breakfast on board. 
In the morning visit the Valley of the Kingson the west bank of the Nile; proceed to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and on the way back, the last stop at the Colossi of Memnon, the two famous statues at the entrance of the temple of Amenhotep III. 
The west bank of Luxor, is the area dedicated to funerary structures, because the West, the place where the sun sets, it was considered the land of the dead and the entrance to the afterlife. Here the pharaohs of the New Kingdom were made to dig their graves in the rock and decorated it with beautiful paintings; here Queen Hatshepsut built his mortuary temple, the Sublime of the Sublime, extremely bold architectural and disconcerting modernity; here the Colossi of Memnon, lonely sentinels, witness the glory and splendor of the distant past. 
At the end of the visit back on board and start sailing to Esna, where you can watch the passage of the Dam. Overnight on board. 
Breakfast on board. In the morning start sailing to Edfu. 
Upon arrival in Edfu visit the Temple of Edfu dedicated to the god Horus; Built during the Ptolemaic temple of Edfu is the best preserved of all Egypt, and is the classic example of the Egyptian temple, where all the components, from the pylon at the entrance to the sanctuary, are perfectly legible. The reliefs on the walls depict important moments in the religious life of the ancient Egyptians, the ritual foundation of the struggle of Horus, the god to whom the temple is dedicated, against Seth, the murderer of Osiris god and symbol of the forces of chaos and disorder. 
At the end of the visits, return on board to continue sailing until Kom Ombo. 
ֿIn the afternoon visit the Temple of the two Gods' Horus and Sobek at Kom Ombo. The temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to two gods, Horus the falcon and Sobek the crocodile, and has the special feature of the duplication of all parts of the temple itself: double entry, double sanctuary, and so on. 
In both temples, pads, in excellent condition, offering a beautiful example of Ptolemy, where, lost the classical era pharaonic Egyptian art is open to new solutions, derived from the encounter with Greek civilization, which produce results of great beauty. 
At the end of the visit back on board and start sailing to Aswan. Overnight on board. 
Breakfast on board. 
In the morning, possibility of an optional excursion to Abu Simbel.
 In the afternoon visit the Temple of Philae and the High Dam of Aswan. 
Built by Ramses II as a testimony of his power in the Nubian land, the cave temples of Abu Simbel are all unique in Egyptian architecture: facades are decorated with colossal statues of the king, in the case of the Great Temple, more than 20 meters in height. Threatened by the waters of Lake Nasser, the temples, thanks to a campaign by UNESCO, were dismantled and reconstructed 60 meters higher. The beauty of the place and the harmony of the buildings have inspired writers and artists and have attached file to the nickname "Pearl of the Nile" To save them from the waters of the Nile that they would be completely submerged after the construction of the High Dam in Aswan.
The Egyptian island of Philaewas the center for worship of the goddess Isis and attracted pilgrims from all over the ancient world.
The original island is now completely submerged under the waters of Lake Nasser. But in a spectacular rescue operation, the great temples and monuments of Philae were pulled out of the water and re-erected on a nearby island, now renamed Philae. The largest and most important temple on Philae is the great Temple of Isis, which is oriented south to north. It was entered on the south through the Hall of Nectanebo.Overnight on board. 
Breakfast Buffet on board. Transfer to the airport and assistance for flight Aswan – Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel
  1. transfers in Egypt with buses Grand tourism & Air conditioned 2-8 pax (HI-S)
  2. Private Service
  3. Meal treatment as per program (HB in Cairo and FB on Cruise, BB last night)
  4. Visits and excursions accompanied by English local guides (Same guide for all program starting from 9 pax)
  5. Assistance of specialized personnel of our corresponding offices 
  6. Luggage handling
Does Not Include:
  • The national and international flights 
  • Lunches 
  • The drinks and the personal expenses 
  • Tips(Hotels, boat, Egyptian T/L, drivers, Guide) 
  • The Visa entry in Egypt 
It is our company policy to receive a 30% deposit upon booking, and full payment 4 weeks prior to arrival.
Cancellation Policy:
•Up to 29 days prior to arrival date: 15% from the total services
•28 – 21 days before arrival date: 30% from the total services
•20 – 14 days before arrival date: 50% from the total services
•13 – 7 days before arrival date: 80% from the total services
•Less than 7 days before arrival date: 100% from the total Services
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