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TLV Pride 2020 | 13-Day Pride Premium Group Tour
Welcome to the hottest place in the Middle East! And no, we're not talking about the temperature, we’re talking about one of the most exciting, modern, and culturally rich spots in the Middle East - Tel Aviv, Israel. A Mecca for LGBTQ tourists all over the world, Tel Aviv has made a name for itself as one of the most entertaining and gay-friendly cities on Earth. Tel Aviv is an exhilarating place to be any time of year, but the climax of the year is always the world famous Tel Aviv Pride, the world’s largest municipality-run Pride Parade, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each June. On our 13-day Pride Tour, you’ll get to experience all the pleasures of Tel Aviv Pride in complete comfort. But the party doesn’t stop there. With our Premium package, you’ll also be traveling to the top destinations in Jordan and Israel while staying at the most luxurious hotels available. In addition to the opulence of Tel Aviv Pride, you’ll enjoy trips to Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dead Sea, the world famous Petra in Jordan, and many other must-see sights, all while being treated like a VIP with hands-on, personalized care. All the hassle of bookings, border crossings, and means of travel are taken care of by us, so sit back and enjoy experiencing the Middle East in luxury. This package has it all, adventure, lavishness, great food, unique culture, breathtaking views, and most importantly, PRIDE!
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