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Israel | Day trip to Masada & The Dead Sea
Depart Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and through the Judean Desert, you will arrive at the mountain fortress of Masada. Once arrived you will ascend to the mountain top, where lays the ancient fortress built in 30 BCE by King Herod, with the cable car. Right there, overlooking the biblical Moab Mountains, in the middle of the desert, discover the story of one the greatest Jewish symbols of hope and pride.
Afterward, escape to the world’s largest natural spa: the Dead Sea! Situated 400 meters below sea level, it is an intimate utopia of rejuvenation and natural minerals. After a delicious buffet lunch at the Lot Hotel, cover yourself in mud and lose all sense of gravity while floating at the private beach of the hotel.

From Jerusalem: Departure at 09:00 AM - Back at hotel around 18:00 PM
From Tel Aviv: Departure at 08:00 AM - Back at hotel around 18:00 PM
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