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Dead Sea Tour

Without doubt, Dead Sea is one of the world’s most amazing places to be visited. This spectacular natural and spiritual landscape is located 440 meters below sea level and has evolved into a major hub of both religious and health & wellness tourism in the region. The leading attraction in Dead Sea is the warm, soothing, super salty water itself – ten times saltier than sea water, and rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others.  Its unusually warm, incredibly buoyant and mineral-rich water has attracted visitors since ancient times, including King Herod the Great and the beautiful Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. All of whom have luxuriated in the Dead Sea’s rich, black, stimulating mud and floated effortlessly on their backs while soaking up the waters healthy minerals along with the gently diffused rays of  the Jordanian sun.

On this day you will have the chance to swim and enjoy Dead Sea for a whole day in a resort with private beaches.

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