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Pyramids , Sphinx ,Memphis & Sakkara

Pyramids , Sphinx ,Memphis & Sakkara
Morning visit Memphis,the city of the god Path and the capital of the oldest kingdom in the world to see the Alabaster Sphinx and the Statue of Ramses II.
Sakkara, the home of Egypt's oldest pyramid, constructed in around 2,650 BC. Admire this incredible, stepped structure as you learn how it was built for the Pharaoh Djoser, and enjoy time to explore at leisure.

Then Visit the Pyramids of Gizaand the Sphinx, an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a workers' village and an industrial complex.
Pyramids , Sphinx ,Memphis & Sakkara Tour
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