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Your Top 10 Outstanding Places to Visit in Israel

Welcome to #Gay Israel!

Welcome to OUTstanding Israel! The pearl of the Middle East, a small country that you must visit for its beauty and culture. Israel is not all desert like many think, it is actually full of different types of nature and even climates throughout a small area. In the northern part you will find amazing mountainous areas with forests, lots of nature and of course the sea shore. In the south you will experience a drier and more open areas with a beautiful desert and terrains. On the western coast of Israel you will see the Mediterranean sea and can visit many types of beaches and cities along the shore. the eastern part where also Jerusalem is located, you will see beautiful valleys and agricultural fields. Since the pride week is only a week long, it’s a bit difficult to cover all these options, so we decided to narrow it down to 10 must visit places while visiting Israel, all pretty close so you can even fit a couple or more of these suggestions in one day, and the rest is yours to explore! Check out the top ten places to visit, and for any questions, feel free to contact us! Happy Pride!

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The Jaffa Flea Market

The Jaffa flea market is one of the most vibrant, lively and culturally mixed markets in the Tel- Aviv area and in Israel and has been flourishing since the 19th century. It is located by the sea shore, stretching from the beautiful Clock Tower and all the way into the alleyways of the market and up until the Jaffa port. To be exact, from Olei Zion street until Beit Eshel street.

It is packed with amazing and unique restaurants, with local and fresh produce, bars and all kinds of food and juice stands. But most importantly, the treasures that you may find in this market, are unbelievable. From old middle eastern jewelry to rugs to a pair of sunglasses, all are worth the haggle! The market and the whole area is super energetic, takes you back in time with all the original construction and buildings and an adventure you can’t miss!

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Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is a one of the older neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, going way back to the late eighteen hundreds and of course once you get there, you can feel a whole different energy and feel the history of the place. Some even call it little Paris! The neighborhood is located around the Old Train Station, which is where you can enjoy a farmers market and some great restaurants at the HaTachana. This area has a more European feel to it and therefore many of the restaurants are sticking to the theme and excelling in it. But while you are walking around this magical neighborhood, you will also be able to visit some great art galleries, boutiques and sweet little shops. The neighborhood is super stylish, wonderful and trendy during the day and during the night, and hey, it is also close to the shore.

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Nahalat Binyamin

Nahalat Binyamin street is one of the main streets in Tel Aviv, located in the center, and stretches from Kerem Hateymanim neighborhood (near Carmel Market) and all the way to the Florentine neighborhood. On this vibrant street you can find yourself walking on a pedestrian shopping area that offers many types of coffee houses, fabric stores and also connects you to the Carmel Market. Since it is intercrossing with the loud and ethnic market, you can always escape to the quiet and relaxed street of Nahalat Binyamin. While walking more south towards Rothchild Blvd., you can stop at the Shpagat, a very popular gay/lesbian bar, recommended at night of course. You can continue down south, pass by the Lima Lima club, another gay friendly club, and make your way down to Florentine neighborhood to enjoy a more laid back and hip neighborhood, full of graffiti, little coffee shops and restaurants.

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Israel Museum

Eretz Israel Museum (Museum of Israel) is located in Givat Ram neighbourhood in Jerusalem. Opened in 1965, it is one of the most important museums in the country. In the museum you may find not only contemporary art, but also archeological, historical and anthropological artifacts on display , and a planetarium. The collection of artifacts and art are divided into pavilions and the dates of the artifacts go all the way back to the Bronze age and further. A truly magical and cultural sight!

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Ilana Goor Museum

One of the most historically rich and fascinating museums is the Ilana Goor Museum, named of course after the artist Ilana Goor, and it is located in the historical part of the port of Jaffa. The museum is also the artist’s residence , and in 1995 it was opened to the public and displays all of the artist’s works, over 500 pieces! What is mostly alluring about this museum is the rich history of the building itself, it is originally built in 1742 and was an inn for Jewish pilgrims that were traveling to Jerusalem , and in the 19th century became an olive oil soap factory. The rest of the story you will have to find out yourself and visit this one of a kind place. Oh, and by the way, to all the Pisces out there, the museum is located on Mazal Dagim street 4, meaning Pisces in Hebrew and each alleyway has it’s own zodiac sign.

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Sarona is a beautiful and renovated historical complex right in the center of Tel Aviv, near the Azrieli towers. It is a restored German Templer colony and now it became a small neighborhood, where you can walk around and enjoy some fine dining, boutiques, and all kinds of shops that are located inside old  colonial buildings. As you walk towards the Gindi towers, you will find yourself in the Sarona Market, a closed and air-conditioned market where you can find amazing and fresh products, fine wine and cheeses, the freshest catch from the sea and some great food stands from well knows Israeli chefs. You can take your food outside as well and enjoy the lawn outside and soak in the sun and the city around.

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Design Museum Holon

the Design Museum Holon is the first museum in Israel that is dedicated only to design. It opened it’s doors in 2010 and is located in the eastern part of Holon in the new culture area. The building itself is a spectacular structure, designed by the architect Ron Arad. The museum offers free activities, tours, events and conversation shows between the designers themselves. To see what exhibitions are up now, we recommend you to go on their website and take a glimpse of what an important and current museum it is.

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Machne Yehuda Market (Jaffa Road)

Did we mention that Israel loves it’s markets? Well this is THE market, better to say “The Shuk”. The Machne Yehuda market is located in Jerusalem, it stretches from Jaffa Road all the way to Agripas street, and has many streets and alley ways in between, all rich with spices, cultural and ethnic foods, bars, clothes…and the list goes on and on. There is absolutely no way you can miss this vibrant place and the beauty of the Israeli and Arab cultures in the holiest of cities, intertwine and connect through food and drink. The shuk is definitely a place where you will want to spend a few hours and come hungry too! While exploring Jerusalem and it’s beauty and history, you won’t be able to miss this market.

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Tower of David

Tower of David is a must see while visiting in Jerusalem. It is known as the Jerusalem Citadel, and it is located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the western edge of the Old city. This location dates back to over 2,000 years back, and has been destroyed over and over during the Crusades period. The structure itself was actually built on other fortifications of previous cultures. It is called the Tower of David due to the Christian Byzantines that believed that this was the site of King David’s palace. The rest of the story of this monumental and spectacular place, you must come and hear it , and definitely see it for yourself. Of course that from there you can continue walking around and get to the Western Wall and explore the rest of the holiest place in Israel, full of culture and different religions in one place.

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Apollonia National Park (Arsuf)

This beautiful national park is located in Herzeliya, a city north of Tel Aviv, and on the sea shore. In this park you will find an old Crusaders fortress dating back to the 12th century, beautiful nature, paths along the historical site, an old Roman villa and of course while walking around this peaceful place, you feel the relaxing sea breeze . The park is full of archeological monuments and full of rich history. Just make sure to go there during it’s open hours, and the park closes at 5PM so make sure to get there early!

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