Mediterranean LGBTQ+ Experience
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Gay Israel

Gay Israel

What are the best tourist destinations in Israel? What tours are available for gays in Israel? How do I begin planning my Israel trip?

Israel is a popular gay destination in the Mediterranean. It boasts fabulous beaches, never-ending nightlife, sun, fun, food, and famous sites.  Israel is a convergence of cultures, topography, history, and modernism. Each region has a life of its own, a history, a feel, and a sense of wonder. We believe there is no better way to experience such a diverse, interesting, and complicated land than with like-minded individuals.

Why Choose a Gay Israel Tour

OUTstanding Travel organizes groups for gays touring Israel.  As gay and lesbian locals we are expert guides for popular Israeli destinations. We are also well-versed in everything gay Israel has to offer. Our trips are customized for the gay experience. When you tour the country with us you are in a group where you can be comfortable being you. Wherever you choose to travel we offer the added value of knowing where the local gay hot spots are. And traveling with a group of gays you are certain to have a ball at every turn.

Gay Group Tours in Israel

We have hand-selected the best destinations Israel has to offer. And when it comes to individuals who are gay Israel has quite a few.
For first-timers or travelers with a limited number of days, this is essential in maximizing every single day. We have pre-planned unique group tours incorporating nature, history, culture, and the finer things in life. Acclaimed wineries, the most unique natural topography, and must-see historical sites. We highly recommend the following destinations:

- Jerusalem Tour – A city for the ages. History and modernism collide. The Old City, the Wall Tunnels, outdoor market, and museums.  
- Masada and the Dead Sea – The Judean Desert, ancient Masada, and the Dead Sea natural spa.
- Caving and Wining – Ein Karem Winery, the Jerusalem mountains, and Stalactite Cave.
- Amphorae Winery – A taste of the Mediterranean at the foot of the Carmel Mountain.
- Northern Coastline – Caesarea and Acre historical ruins, Bahai Gardens, and natural grottos in the Galilee.

If you have the time, we recommend combining tours. Pick and choose the places where you want to go!

Start Your Mediterranean Journey Right Now

Your gay Israel experience can begin today. Check out the variety of custom tours for gays in Israel that we have to offer - and plan your dream Mediterranean vacation. If you need some advice or a helping hand, ask Nadav right now!

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