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The Gay Beach Manual to Greece

Greek Gay Beaches

Welcome to the breathtaking beaches of Greece! Spread through the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas, are the most wild, paradise-like , welcoming beaches on the islands of Greece and probably in all of Europe. From nudist and naturalist beaches to crowded and party beaches, you can find yourself more than welcome in all of them, with a large gay community and great acceptance! You absolutely can’t miss these pieces of paradise, so the OUTstanding team made a brief list and description of the must-visit gay and gay friendly beaches! Enjoy darlings and bring us a nice sea shell! 

Elia Beach: the most popular gay beach and also a nudist beach, and considered to be one of the best gay beaches on the world, all here in Greece. It’s absolutely beautiful, a great natural beach with a nice trail of rocks at the end.
Super Paradise Beach: a must-visit beach among the LGBT community, with a great history of large gatherings from the community. Today it is also mixed but it’s extremely friendly and welcoming and a great sight and energy.
Faliraki beach: a very organized nudist beach that also provides all the necessary beach facilities. It is surrounded by rocks and has beautiful pebble and sandy shore. You may also find at the end of this resort beach an area called “Mantomata” which is the main area for naturism. Extremely gay friendly and relaxed beach with a great wild feel to it.

Another popular beaches in Rhodes are Kato Petres and Kallithea Nudist Beach. 
Agia Marina Beach: a semi-nudist beach that has part nudist part not, a great attraction to the proud community.
Vouliagmeni Beach: this beach is a bit away from the city life of Athens, only 23km outside the city you will find this beautiful crystal water and sandy beach. It is extremely gay friendly and welcoming. Near this beach you may also find Limanakia B Beach which attracts the gay community.
Vlychada Beach: a super unique beach on the southern side of Santorini, with beautiful rocks and sea shore, almost taken out of a painting. Very gay friendly and a must visit!
Komos Beach: a beautiful and heavenly beach near Matala and a village called “Pitsidia”, is a well known gathering spot for the gay community and nudists especially in the nudist area of the beach. 

More highly recommended gay beaches on Crete are Sarantari Beach, Ammoudaki, Kavros beach and Macherida. Good luck with the names!
Lalaria beach: located at the northern part of the island and can only be reached by boat, is a wildly beautiful beach with rocky terrains and pebbles. It’s a great attraction for tourist that seek adventure and a nice escape. This beach is extremely preserved and very rural so it is absolutely a must see. More beaches in the area that are favorited by the gay community are Koukounaries beach and Mikri Banana (Little Banana) beach.
Acharavi Beach : this beach is a bit rural and less organized however it has stunning crystal blue waters and is one of the most popular beaches for the gay community, the crowd there gets a bit large and packed, however it is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. For a less crowded beach and partly nudist, you must visit Myritiotissa beach.
Langeri beach: a nudist beach located at the northern part of the island, and considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades. The southern part of the beach is generally considered as the gay part. Another two popular gay beaches on the island are Kalami and Monasteri
Mylopotas: a beautiful golden sand and crystal blue water beach, and considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in all the Greek islands. Its is very popular therefore meeting gay people is only natural due to the popularity of the beach and the large gatherings. But not to worry, if you are not into large crowds, then its possible to find an isolated area near the beach and enjoy some quite alone time.
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