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11 OUTstanding places to visit in Italy

Italy, the mecca of art, culture and amazing food, a romantic and breathtaking country that is full of exploration and adventure into the soul of all things beautiful. We at OUTstanding made a shortlist of must-visit museums and landmarks in Italy that you can’t miss! 

Uffizi Gallery | Florence
Italy's most famous museum and most popular in Italy, one of the main areas of the Renaissance. Stepping into this classic gallery you step back in time and can see the gems of the Renaissance era, paintings, sculptures and frescos by the most famous and revolutionary masters and artists from the Renaissance era. Since it is a very visited gallery, it is crucial to order tickets ahead of time.
Galleria dell'Accedemia di Firenze | Florence
The Gallery of the Academy of Florence, a very important art museum, best known for Michelangelo's sculpture of David, however, it is also a smaller museum than the Uffizi, therefore, it is more specialized in the later Reinassance era. Besides the David sculpture, there are many works of Michelangelo and Florentine artists, mostly from the 14th to the 17th centuries, from the Trecento movement to the late Renaissance. It's extremely romantic, beautiful and another great place for art lovers.
Palazzo Pitti | Florence
The Pitti Palace, on the south side of the River Arno and close to the Ponte Vecchio( a medieval arched stone bridge, also a must-visit), is a breathtaking palace with mainly Renaissance art and architecture from around 1458 and was originally the residence of a wealthy banker named Luca Pitti. Later on, the Palace was bought by the famous Medici Family in 1549 and was a home for many other royal and wealthy families. Because of the great wealth the resided in this palace through the years, it is undoubtedly a spectacle for the visitors of today. Full of art, sculptures, frescos and, any rooms and spaces to explore in this historical and important cultural landmark.
Palazzo del Bargello | Florence
The national museum of Bargello, is a little different than the other locations because it used to be a barracks and a prison during the Middle Ages, therefore the structure and architecture are a bit different than the usual museums in Florence and Italy in general. In this museum, you may find not only the elite Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and his work "Bacchus" but also many other masters such as Donatello, Jacopo Sansovino, Bernini and more amongst the famous late Renaissance and Baroque periods. In this museum, you may also find a great collection of ceramics, textiles, silver and ivory coins, tapestries and much more, and it is definitely exciting to walk around such a historical place that barely changed since it was built, like many structures in Florence and Italy in general.
Colosseum | Rome
Is the famous and iconic Roman gladiatorial arena that you must see! It is in the center of the city of Rome, therefore, it can't be missed and also it is just east of the Roman Forum, so it is definitely a great day trip of visiting these ancient structures and soaking in the rich Roman and Italian culture.U
The Trevi Fountain | Rome
When we think of Rome, one of the first things that come up to our minds is the Romantic fountain where you can toss a coin and make a wish. The fountain is located in the Trevi district of Rome. The fountain is a beautiful spectacle from the Baroque era, designed by Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini, standing at over 25 meters tall. You must visit the most famous fountain in the world, when in Rome!
Vatican Museums | Rome
Located in the Vatican City in Rome, it is a miraculous array of Christian and Renaissance art and artifacts, as well as collections amassed by popes through the years. Many famous and world-renowned sculptures and masterpieces in this beautiful and history-rich group of museums and galleries. Definitely recommended for art and history lovers.
The Sistine Chapel | Rome
One of the most famous chapels in Italy and the world, located in the Apostolic Palace in Rome and is the official residence of pope in Vatican City. The chapel dates back to the 15th century and is full of amazing Renaissance frescos and of course the famous piece by Michelangelo of The Last Judgement. The chapel was built in dedication to the Virgin Mary and it really is a beautiful and extraordinary place to visit while in Rome.
Museo Egizio | Turin
It is one of the largest museums in Italy and also holds one of the largest amounts of Egyptian artifacts and antiquities. Even though Italy is the home of the Renaissance and other classical art, it is a good change in views and experience and definitely, a must-visit museum for its grandiose collection and display. A true adventure back in time that you can't miss while in Italy!
Cenacolo Vinciano | Milan
Also the most gay-friendly and open city in Italy, there you can also see the great classic and most famous painting in the world, The Last Supper. It is located inside the convent of Santa Maria Della Grazie, and even though there aren't many artworks in the place, you can't visit Milan and not stop at the convent to see this classic! Of course, we recommend booking tickets in advance.
Pompeii | Naples
We all heard about this ancient Roman city that was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius all the way back in the first century AD. This archeological site is a must-visit, being one of Italy's main attractions. The remains of the city were discovered back in 1748 and ever since it was visited and a spectacle to all the visitors. Very recommended booking a guided tour for the full experience and of course the information and history about this beautiful archeological site.
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