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11 Romantic Cities of the Mediterranean

Hello lovers! Welcome to the most romantic and Outstanding cities in the Mediterranean! It is undoubtedly that this region is filled with amazing beaches, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, warm and passionate culture and people, great local food and produce and of course, lots and lots of romance! That's why we made you a list for all you couples and even friends that like to share special and touching moments of the most romantic cities in the Mediterranean.

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Rome | Italy

Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy, which is in general one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a great place to take your loved ones on a romantic adventure and embark on the beautiful Italian and Roman culture. Apart from Rome being one of the most historically rich cities in Europe, it is also great for day trips for exploring all the ruins and monuments, but also the food and small cafes in hidden alleyways are a great way to relax and soak in the citie's culture. Some great romantic places to visit in Rome are the garden of the Oranges, the Villa Borghese, the Pincio Gardens and the famous Trevi Fountain. The pastoral gardens, buildings, streets and of course the great restaurants and amazing local wines are just a recipe for an amazing romantic getaway!
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Venice | Italy

When you think of the perfect romantic getaway, probably one of the first places that pop into your head is the magical city of Venice in Italy. The beautiful water canals, the old city magic and the history sum up to a relaxing and enchanting vacation. In Venice, you must take a romantic gondola ride that you pick up at one of the main bridges (Rialto or Accademia), follow the footsteps of the world's most famous lover, Casanova, while sipping some wine and watch the sunset at St. Mark's Square. You may also want to explore some beautiful renaissance art of masters such as Titian and more Venetian artists at the Church of the Frari and do a little shopping at the small village of Dorsoduro, of course getting there by boat from the main canals. It is truly a romantic and unforgettable city for lovers, explorers, and lovers of everything fine and beautiful!
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Florence | Italy

Florence is the perfect city for curious and active couples, lovers of fine art and architecture and of course good food and wine. Not only the city is located in the beautiful Tuscany region which has amazing views and scenery to offer, it also is flourishing with amazing and famous Renaissance art museums, renaissance architecture and buildings standing until this day for the wide audience to see, and of course the amazing food and wine culture that you can't miss. Day trips and overnight trips are offered in different varieties of activities and regions in and around Florence, and what's greater than going back in time and exploring such a beautiful and monumental city with your partner?
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Granada | Spain

In the southern part of Spain, it lays a beautiful and romantic city by the name of Granada. Granada is a perfect example of a romantic and serene city, full of Medieval palaces, castles, an amazing hilltop fortress, and amazing Moorish and Medieval architecture. You can almost feel like a knight or a princess walking around this city, your pick! Just by walking around the cobbled streets lined by fragrant orange trees, listening to the many street musicians and visiting the famous Alhambra Fort with the amazing views, you are swept into a different time, culture and definitely a different and serene mood. Of course in this fairytale city, you will find great restaurants for you and your partner to visit and enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine and wonderful wine, and for dessert… well, you decide on that!
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Barcelona | Spain

Apart from being one of Spain's largest and liveliest cities, it is also a great city for couples to walk around and explore the wonderful works by Gaudi, the Park Guell, visit the Familia Sagrada and also hit the beach with some fruits and wine. Barcelona has also a great nightlife so you on your partner can enjoy a night out, snuggle at a rooftop bar or go all out at the clubs by the beachfront. Another great attraction is the guided night tour at the Pedrera. It is recommended to hit the beautiful and luscious food markets in Barcelona and why not even cook together from the great products that you can find there. Also not far from Barcelona is Costa Brava, a very recommended seafront village that you can instantly relax there and explore with your loved one!
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Madrid | Spain

The capital of Spain, a vivacious city with not only amazing architecture and parks, but also a gay neighborhood that you must visit and feel proud! In Madrid,  are countless places that are romantic by day and night. During the day you can visit the Royal Palace and the Royal Botanical Garden, visit the Museo del Romanticismo ( the name says it all!), maybe catch a show at the Teatro Real and explore many of the cathedrals and parks in beautiful Madrid. Of course, that when in Spain you must share a traditional Paella and get tipsy on some great wine!
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Santorini | Greece

 This small Greek Island in the Aegean Sea is a perfect place for relaxation and a romantic vacation. One of the main towns of Santorini, Oia, is a honeymooner's heaven, the wine-washed village with the white buildings, contrasting the amazing blue waters and the breathtaking sunsets, it is a perfect romantic spot for any couple! In Santorini, you may also go beach hopping from the red beach to the black beach, a truly amazing time, and also go diving and explore the hidden underworld. As for the food, because of the unique landscape of Santorini and the volcanic soil on the island, the local food that is grown there has a different flavor and THAT you must check out
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Mykonos | Greece

Mykonos is one of the hottest and most exciting Islands and spots in Greece and maybe it has a bit of a "party" reputation to it, however, Mykonos is perfect for couples and is super romantic. Not only you have to visit the beaches, for example, Lia beach where you can also find some private areas to cuddle up, Agios Stefanos and Paraga Beach, all serene and great beaches for all you lovers. Visit Little Venice in the most western part of Mykonos town where you can walk around in this Venice-look alike area where the buildings are built up right to the waterfront which gives you the vibes of the Venice canals. In all of Mykonos you will find great food, perfect restaurants for date night, and hey, maybe even have a luxurious dinner with Salt Bae at his restaurant in Mykonos. 
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If you still haven't heard, Tel-Aviv is one of the proudest cities in the Middle-East and that's why you should visit it. Moreover, the amazing seafront of Tel-Aviv from Jaffa in the southern part to Hilton Beach in the northern part, with a beautiful palm-tree lined the boardwalk, is a great way to spend with your partner and walk around, get a nice tan during the day and enjoy the water breeze in the evening. In Tel-Aviv you won't stay hungry that's for sure, there are many great restaurants with high-end cuisine, cocktails, and music that will keep you excited and in love! Taking day-tours around the city, the markets, important landmarks, and even graffiti tours are very recommended. During the night you may go out to an all-night rave or club, stroll this lively city and enjoy the warmth and passion of the Israeli culture!
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Jerusalem | Israel

It might sound funny that Jerusalem, this amazingly holy city is on our list, however, to explore such a unique and culturally rich city with your partner is a very special and romantic experience that you can't miss. Visiting the Western Wall, the Tower of David and the old city of Jerusalem is a very spiritually rich experience, but that is not all you can do here. Jerusalem has great parks, beautiful cobblestone streets, and alleyways, a lively and wonderful market ( Mahne Yehuda), and in this market, in the evening time you may find great little restaurants and bars with the local products. Of course, there are some clubs that you can visit and there are a great music and art scene in this holy town. 
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Mitzpe Ramon | Israel

In the southern part of Israel, almost at the edge, lies a local council in the Negev desert with the elevation of 860 meters, overlooking the world's largest erosion cirque called Makthtesh Ramon. Besides the breathtaking views and the wonderful oasis feeling in Mitzpe Ramon, there are very romantic things to do besides hiking and just taking in this natural beauty. In this desert oasis, there is a great luxurious hotel called Beresheet Hotel, where the high-end structure and service are just almost dreamy for this kind of place. Also, there are some great activities like visiting the Alpaca farm, and for those who like to take a little time off from technology and noise, you can visit the unique tents at the Silent Arrow. This place is a great way to escape the loud city, the commotion and leave all the stress behind to connect to each other and to nature!
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