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Tel Aviv Pride

2020 From A to Z

Things You Should Know About Tel Aviv Pride Week 2020

Welcome to OUTstanding Tel-Aviv! Tel-Aviv, the metropolitan of our little country, is waiting for you to come and enjoy everything it has to offer, especially for the gay community! Not only you will be able to participate in one of the largest gay pride parades in the world, but you will also be able to relax at the most beautiful and historical places in the world and explore a vibrant and deep culture of our little home here on the Mediterranean.

So welcome to gay Tel Aviv and have fun :)


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Gay Pride Parade 2020 - The Main Event

The 22nd Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2020 will be taking place in Tel Aviv on the 12th of June, starting at 12:00 noon from a central junction and stretching about 2 kilometers, where at 13:00 ( 1 PM) the party trucks will start making their way down the boardwalk along the beach, blasting music and making sure you can’t stop dancing and get a little wet! Over 200,000 people from all backgrounds, sexual preferences and sexes will be joining in the celebration of pride, under the hot sun and the roaring and joyous energy that comes from all the participants and passers-by. The parade reaches its final destination at Charles Clore Park, where a huge stage and dancing area will wait for you, along with water sprinklers, bars, and food stands. The music, the live shows, and performances don’t stop until almost sundown and will keep you going, and hey, maybe the people you’ll meet on the way might become your friends! Truly a pride parade you will not and simply cannot miss.
gay tel aviv, gay travel, tel aviv pride, tripadvisor tel aviv, gay tours

Let’s Start With The Beaches!

If you are staying in Tel-Aviv, you simply can’t miss the beach culture here. All beaches are of course gay friendly but also there is an exclusively gay beach at Hilton beach. Don’t worry you won’t miss it! 
Of course the beach stretches all along the city, from the northern port of Tel Aviv and all the way south to port of Jaffa. 
Along the beaches there are numerous restaurants on the beach it self such as Calypso, and on the boardwalk as well. You will be able to see all types of people down at the beach, play matkot, frizbee and even beach volleyball. Get your best sunscreen or tanning oil and come soak up the beautiful mediterranean sun!
gay tel aviv, gay travel, tel aviv pride, tripadvisor tel aviv, gay tours

Now What Can You Do Once The Sun Goes Down Or Just Feel Like Soaking Up Some Culture?

The culture here in Tel-Aviv is extremely friendly, most speak English so you won’t be lost, and the vibes are very welcoming, of course it is one of the proudest cities in the world so you’ll feel right at home.
Once it comes to the city of Tel- Aviv, you will not find yourself bored not for one minute. The city is filled with great Mediterranean style food, as well as high-end cuisine from all over the world, but of course you can’t miss a hummus spot that will blow your mind.
Shuk HaCarmel (The Carmel market) is one of the most diverse and most ethnic markets you can find, loud vendors, small alley ways that lead you to magical small restaurants and lots of amazing personalities on the way. Also Levinski Market in Florentine neighborhood is packed with spices and great spots to sit and fill up your belly. The food in Tel-Aviv ranges from your local falafel joint to high-end chef restaurants with reservations of course.
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It's Shopping Time

During this week you can also enjoy a variety of shopping centers, malls and streets filled with great stores and boutiques. The Gindi TLV Fashion Mall and Dizengoff center are the largest shopping malls in Tel- Aviv, as well as many streets like Dizengoff street, King George and Sheinkin street, and of course the Flea Market in Jaffa are amazing for a daily walk, shopping, grabbing some food and drinks and fitting lots of sight seeing at once.
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TLVFest - The Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival

The TLVFest, The Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival 2020 is going strong on it’s 15th year, will stretch from June 10th until June 20th and fill feature independent and international LGBT movies, documentaries, drag shows and much more. The festival will be taking place at the Cinematek, close to the Gindi TLV Fashion mall and Ha’Bima Square.
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Night Life

Tel Aviv is packed with night life, ranging from gay bars such as PHI and DTM and to great clubs such as The Block, Alphabet, Lima Lima and more. The best part is the range of gay-lines, the PAG, which takes place in Alphabet club is the longest running gay line with techno music and parties that go on for 36 hours. The Forever line, the largest house music in Israel, and celebrating it’s 10th year, and full of hard to miss shirtless Israeli gay men. One of the main events will take place the day after the Pride Parade at 4PM, where people from all over the world will join, DJ Offer Nissim!!! That would be an unforgettable and outstanding parade for sure!
So for those want to experience the gay night life will have absolutely no problem, just make sure you bring sunglasses for when you head back to sleep.
gay tel aviv, gay travel, tel aviv pride, tripadvisor tel aviv, gay tours

Join our OUTstanding Gay Busses

It’s extremely important to get out of the city for a bit and take advantage of the rich history and culture of Israel, therefore we offer the Gay bus. It is an exclusive package for our clients that offers daily trips to must see locations such as Jerusalem, a walking tour in Tel Aviv ,Biblical Galilee, the northern coast line, and Petra (Jordan). The gay bus experience is not only comfortable and checks off some v’s in your to see list, but also a great and fun way to see the Israeli culture, experience new views and meet some great people on the way!

We take care of all the bookings, passes and reservations, all you have to do is get on and enjoy the ride! Click here to Book Now!
gay tel aviv, gay travel, tel aviv pride, tripadvisor tel aviv, gay tours

Why are we so OUTstanding ?

We at OUTstanding Travel have a very committed crew that will make your gaycation an unforgettable one! Our mission is to make your stay in Israel productive, easy and comfortable and of course fun! It is important for us to make sure that you and your partner and friends will enjoy your vacation with no hassle or any worries. Our gay friendly activities, itinerary and recommendations are spot on for a great time and an unforgettable adventure during pride week 2020.
We specialize in gay travel, which means that our goal is to expose you to the friendliest, most relevant and hip places as well as explore the culture and history of Israel and the city of Tel Aviv in the proudest way! We hand pick each activity and place for you and take care of all the bookings, means of travel, tours, tickets and even taxis. Gay Tel-Aviv is not something you want to miss out on so we make is super easy for you to celebrate pride and enjoy the hottest places. Basically consider us as your best wing man on your vacation!
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